Massage Therapy Services from Balance Massage

Event/Onsite Massage

Event/Onsite massage is typically preformed with a specialized massage chair although a table can be used for sporting events. This type of massage is suitable for celebrations,  conventions, sporting events, company parties, and wellness fairs. It can be one time, monthly or quarterly. Multiple therapist available for larger events.

 2 Hour minimum contact for personalized pricing

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage  is the foundation for many types of massage.  Long gliding strokes  combined with kneading which gently manipulates the muscles are used to  lull you into relaxation. Healing benefits include increased circulation  and added flexibility for muscles and joint. 

60 minutes $80.00 

90 minutes $125.00

Deep Tissue Massage

 Deep tissue massage targets specific muscle groups. Going beyond the  superficial layers of the skin and using the correct amount of pressure  to free up adhesion's and release muscle tension. These sessions will usually include range of motion and stretchering techniques and cupping therapy if appropriate.

60 minutes $80.00

90 minutes $125.00

Medical Treatment Massage

 This type of therapeutic bodywork will focus on injury treatment and  rehabilitation. If billing L&I or PIP I  will require a referral from your MD or DC with specific instruction as to the areas of concern.  Treatment will  include in depth consultation and assessment. Treatment  techniques will be specifically designed for rehabilitation of soft  tissue rather then relaxation treatment. Those techniques may include  connective tissue massage, joint mobilization and manipulation, manual  traction, passive range of motion, soft tissue mobilization and  manipulation, and therapeutic massage including manual lymphatic  drainage. Often  hydrotherapy and cupping therapy will be  included in treatment sessions. As a courtesy I will bill L&I and PIP cases for you.  I can provide you a receipt as a out of network provider for major medical billing.

60 minutes code 97124 $150.00

60 minutes code 97140 $180.00

Ladies Night In Spa Parties

 Invite your girlfriends over for spa night. I  will help you  pick services that will best fit the size and needs of your group. I can build a custom package just  for you. Choose from a variety of services such as massage, yoga, foot soaks and aromatherapy.  A credit card is necessary to confirm your booking.

Contact for custom pricing, travel fees may apply 


I accept major credit cards, or cash. Checks are acceptable if received two weeks prior to events.