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About Me

elaine lucke

 I bring years of  experience as a massage therapist into my yoga teachings. Understanding anatomy is a big part of guiding students into poses safely. I see yoga as a way to teach people to listen to their inner wisdom and be a participant in healing themselves. My style is organic and I teach what I love from Yin to Flow. Teaching active older adults using props and chairs for balance is a style I love as well. I encourage students to  challenge themselves but also honor any limitations without judgement.  You will learn in my classes that yoga is much  more then the physical poses. Learning how to connect to your breath is  a important lesson that can help you have a more balanced and grounded  life off the yoga mat.

I also have training in trauma informed yoga and more information on this specialized type of movement is something that I would love to have a conversation about with you individually to determine if I can serve you in a way that is helpful to your unique situation.

Current Schedule

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 Public Classes

 Tahoma Athletic Club 

 23836 222nd Pl SE #200, Maple Valley, WA 98038 

Thursday Yin 8:00AM

Longevita Yoga & Pilates

201 Auburn Way N Auburn WA


Friday Warm Restorative 4:45PM

Auburn Valley YMCA

1620 Perimeter Rd Auburn WA


Tuesday  Vinyasa 9:45AM 

Employee Onsite

Locations around the greater Puget Sound 

contact for details and to see if this is an option at your business.

Currently: Zones Auburn WA

Tuesday 11:45AM


Trauma Informed Yoga/Mindful Movement

ongoing various locations

This type of yoga is most appropriate for individuals who have experienced trauma, chronic stress and anxiety. The practice is built to provide a safe place to explore sensations in your body when you move in a mindful way. There are no hands-on adjustments and you are encouraged to make choices on the types of movements that feel right for you. Trauma informed mindful movement can be helpful in recognizing and working with your stress responses. 

Anyone is welcome however to keep the container safe for all, enrollment is based on a 6-week cycle as we will build upon things weekly and get to feel comfortable with the small group we are in. To be respectful of the current group new participants coming mid-way thru the cycle are generally not allowed. Once you have participated in your first cycle you may repeat and come as often as you would like. In fact, this is encouraged as there is always something new to learn. We ask that you contact Elaine about when an appropriate start date would be for you.

Please be aware that I am not a licensed counselor and cannot provide you with the benefits that talk therapy can.  My credentials are as a licensed massage therapist in the state of Washington MA00023206 and a registered yoga teacher with specialized training in trauma informed yoga. There are many ways to heal and understand your body better. Yoga/Mindful Movement is but one.

Yogini Go

yoga nature

Yogini Go adventures and retreats help you take your practice out into the wild. Explore your practice from a whole new perspective. Its not necessary to have walls around you all the time!

Washington state is glorious and has  so much to explore. Why not take your practice outdoors? Seasonal yoga in the park, hikes and beach adventures are all a part of Yogini Go. 

Indulge in a Petite Retreat. These are Yogini Go mini getaways  in the Washington area that include   great food, yoga, the company of other high vibe individuals  and are  held in a variety of  beautiful settings. Watch here for current offerings or sign up to be notified of upcoming events.



Yoga in the Workplace

yoga workplace

Forward thinking companies understand that employees are their biggest resource. Reducing sick days, decreasing health care premiums and attracting top talent with your benefits package are all  good reasons to offer workplace yoga. Ensuring that employees have the opportunity to care for their physical and mental health is a great way to keep a happier healthier team.

Available in 6 week blocks, call for custom pricing.

Private Instruction

Private instruction can help you tune up your practice and perhaps go   deeper into what yoga has to offer. Learning more about yoga philosophy and exploring meditation in a private setting can be very beneficial. It is custom designed for you and your lifestyle which means if you have a particular sport you would like to support with yoga that is possible as well . If you are new to yoga its  the perfect way to learn basic poses that can help you  feel comfortable in a public class or help you to practice safely on  your own. Private instruction can be done conveniently in your home, weather permitting outdoors or in a studio space.

Packages of 6 will include an initial 90 minute session to do a health  intake and determine your focus followed by 5 one hour sessions.

Available for $455.00

Yoga + Massage

Relax sunset massage yoga

Give yourself the gift of yoga and massage in one session. This service will include a full one hour massage plus individual yoga session and is available in your home. 

Allow 2 hours $170.00